Nerd in the Sky! A Berzerk Ball 2 Game Review

Berzerk Ball 2

Launch games are a dime a dozen, but we still believe that Berzerk Ball 2 is one of the few in the genre that deserves a good degree of attention. First off, it is well polished. The gameplay is smooth, the mechanics make plenty of sense, and it has so much depth for a ‘simple launch game'. Chalk it up to the extra power ups and abilities that players are given –BBall2's launch system is something we totally enjoy. And if that was not enough, this game is genuinely funny. Thanks to all the well written side dialogue and of course, the visual gags.

Launch Game Basics

For those of you who have never played a launch game before you can check a whole range of them out at If your too lazy to take a look here's the lowdown on Berzerk Ball 2. The goal of the game is accumulate a high a score as possible with each launch. A launch is basically you hitting a fat, eyeglass wearing nerd off to a great distance. The longer and higher the nerd flies, the bigger the score you get. This ballistic flight is further enhanced by upgrades and power ups –allowing you to re-hit the nerd mid-air, re-launch with cannons, get bigger bounce off obstacles, and other similar functions.

Choose Your Character

You do not get to pick which nerd to launch –it is just one guy you get to pick on for the whole game. But you do have a choice on who delivers the punishment. There's an interesting range of stereotypical selections that will make you smile when you see them. Our favorite is a dominatrix-esque lady (V-P) who wields a cross as if it were a hammer. The others are just as fun to watch in action. Increasing the stats and abilities of these characters will allow you to launch the nerd farther and faster –which is why investing in these upgrades is a must.

Upgrades Galore

There are several ways to spend your hard earned points in the game –and our best recommendation is to max out your Crazy Collector as soon as you can. This will increase the amount of points you earn permanently, and it will quickly speed up any grinding you have to do. The rest of the upgrades for stats is a case-by-case basis –based mostly what you actually use in-game. Hairy Knuckles seems like a crowd favorite, though others would prefer the more convenient Creep Magnet stat. In the end, this all falls on your priority. Do note however, that most players agree that the Bruiser stat is one of the least effective ones to invest in.

Weapon power is also an important factor that players have to mind –this one increases with the weapons that can be bought from the shop. While stats do affect this, it is best to just rely on weapons if you want to get a high attack power fast.

A Satisfying Slap Fest

There's no hiding that Berzerk Ball 2 was made with the male audience in mind. There's something very familar in it's basic sense of whacking a nerdy guy around the screen with some blood splatter to match. Although not typical of the many other whacking style games found on popular stress busting site Berzerk Ball 2 still gives fans a satisfying beatem up element to it.

Plenty of Fun

Visually, the graphics of Berzerk Ball 2 are excellent. The animations are smoothly drawn and despite the ridiculously fast paced delivery, you can still appreciate the world around you –even when you are high speed blasting through a post-apocalyptic landscape or even blazing through outer space. This game is sweet eye candy for those who can appreciate the little niceties of simple game design. The best part of it is that despite the smorgasbord of chaotic elements that tend to fill up the screen, you still know and can understand exactly what is going on (which is more than what can be said about most Michael Bay films). It you ever wanted to get a good launch game to keep on your mobile device, this is one of the best choices you can make.