Injustice Gods Among Us for iOS & Android

Injustice Gods Among Us for the iOS

This year's Evo 2013 showcased Injustice as one of the major games that players competed in -showcasing that a fighting game based on comic book characters can be as in-depth and as hardcore as other dedicated fighting game franchises. The iOS app of Injustice may not be on the same level of depth and complexity as it's' console counterparts, but it is an impressive app in its' own right. The biggest change between the console and app versions is the controls and gameplay. While the console version is a straightforward fighting game, the iOS app is a team based fight that focuses on timing with the use of special moves.

The first we loaded the app on our tablets; we knew that Injustice had plenty of great things going for it. The graphics -ranging from the slowly transitioning 3D artwork on the main menu to the, nicely rendered character models on the cards, and of course, the heavily detailed characters and background environments in the combat portion of the game -all show that this heftily sized game (it requires well over a gigabyte of storage) is packed to the brim with visual goodies. The voice clips for the special moves also feel good to hear (and since spamming a special move is not possible, the clips never get tiring or annoying).

The story for Injustice Gods Among Us is specifically written for the game. In this, the main continuity heroes are plucked from their dimension and sent to a universe where a major catastrophe has turned Superman into a power-mad dictator (Joker tricked him into killing a pregnant Lois Lane and also blew up Metropolis with a nuclear bomb), and Batman is the leader of an insurgency that is trying to figure out a way to oust Superman. The story is nothing short of dark and foreboding, and Netherrealms does not shy away from creating events that would never be done in the main DC universe (such as Superman executing Captain Marvel in the console versions).

There is a "card collecting" element included in the game -basically, this is how you unlock characters to use and also provides you with passive bonuses. Earning these cards is a matter of saving up credits earned from winning fights, but you can also buy credits with real money. The free-to-play/pay-to-win system does exist in the game, but it not prevalently so, you can earn credits manually and unlock everything without having to spend a single cent, but it will certainly take more time. The real tradeoff of the app version of the game is that it does not show much of the game's actually storyline.

Injustice Gods Among Us for the iOS

Aside from the already awesome Injustice Gods Among Us App, (which you should really add to your device), we encourage comic book fans to also check out the accompanying Injustice Comic series which covers much of the back-story for the game. We would also advise you to keep an eye on the various other mobile super hero games as there's always plenty of new ones coming out here such as Marvel Contest of Champions. Lastly, sign up for a WB game account; this allows players to link their app game with the console version -allowing you to unlock characters on both systems.