Siegius Arena Review

Siegius Arena

There seems to be something about the Roman style of battle that attracts developers like no other period in history. Games like the PC-based Rome: Total War and Age of Empires are some of the more elaborate workings, while even the smaller indie-game developers have a very good go of emulating the style and the brutality of Roman battle.

Swords and Sandals is one of the most notable games and is part of a series that spans an impressive five games, but one series that is often overlooked is that of Siegius, and it is back with a game so stylish that it cannot possibly be overlooked any longer. Being betrayed by one of your own apparently-loyal men must be tough for anyone but in Roman times, this usually results in some dire consequences and in this case, your death is sanctioned, but being a legendary leader and soldier, you cannot simply allow yourself to die and must take it upon yourself to go as loudly and with as many decapitations and as much maiming possible.

Siegius Arena is a third-person battle game whose format is in a similar vein to that of Gladiators, requiring you to go up against opponents in a fight to the death in front of hundreds of cheering spectators that are thirsty for blood. This game is a little different to the usual one-vs-one action of popular battle game Swords and Sandals and popular depictions of gladiator fights however, since the game involves battling waves of enemies at a time, with multiple waves comprised of increasingly difficult enemies making up each round. The directional arrow or the [WASD] keys are used to move you gladiator around the arena while the attack buttons are shown on screen: A for a mild swipe, X for a strong stab, and also C or V to use your items or weapons. Each attack has a cool-down period that varies depending on the weapon, though spells take significantly longer to recharge. There is no other aim in the game other than to decimate your opponents, which is a simplicity that makes the game so fun to play.

The game lacks a true upgrade system based on experience points or development of your gladiator but it does have a currency system where you can purchase weapons, spells and items for use in your battles. Weapons range from weak swords and shields to heavy mallet-like objects and even a lightsaber when you save up enough money. Spells such as earthquakes, lightning, and meteors can be cast, and items can be bought such as potions and popularity-boosting objects. In all, there are enough items to maintain a healthy desire to continue earning money in order to be able to afford them, but a lack of upgrade system for the gladiator himself is a little disappointing.

Siegius Arena

There is no denying Siegius Arena's significantly-above-average design and cartoonish graphics courtesy of developer, which really come in to play during battles, particularly when using your special attack (press the [Spacebar] when you have a full special bar) and various extremities are flying across the screen and pools of blood are oozing from the different orifices of your enemies. It's one of the more enjoyable casual hack n slash games of the warrior kind which can be found online at

The control system is easy to grasp but even though the battles look smooth and stylish, great graphics and design can't make up for the fact that the enemies lack any true intelligence to actually challenge your fighting skills in any serious way.

This means that Siegius Arena is more about having the bigger and better weapons/items and becomes a game of out-stat-ing your enemy rather than out-fighting them. Don't let these drawbacks put you off though; this is a great warrior hack n slash game and won't disappoint you if you decide to give it a try.