Tekken 6 Review

Lets Players Fight as the Most Ridiculously Awesome Warriors

Tekken 6 Review

Namco's Tekken 6 is, without a doubt, a great 3D fighting game. Their simplified button layout allows players to unleash incredible combos and attacks by combining button combinations with perfect timing. The combat is fast paced, and the character movesets are huge. There is a big room for mastery to be found here, and watching battles between seasoned veterans is like watching two martial arts masters sparring.

King of Iron What?

For those of you who have not played a single Tekken game in their lives, here's a quick breakdown. The premise of the game is centered around the King of Iron Fist Tournament (the Tekken Tournament), which is fighting tournament held and organized by the Mishima Zaibatsu. Many of the participants in this tourney are either fighters seeking to gain fame or fortune while others have more personal reasons for joining -not surprisingly, a lot of them are also targeting the Zaibatsu itself (while others are members of the Zaibatsu). Most of the story revolves heavily around the three successive generation heads of the Mishima family: Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin (with Heihachi being Jin's grandfather), and the ancient power that is in their blood.

Enter Alisa

While there are plenty of great reasons to pick up and play Tekken 6, the top of our list would probably be none other than Alisa. Sure, a robot character in a fighting game is hardly the most original. Considering that Tekken already has a resident robot fighter (the many iterations of Jack) and even a zombie-cyborg mercenary (Bryan Fury), the inclusion of another robot should not be such a big deal right?

Except that Alisa is cute, fun, and her move set is one of the most dynamic things we have ever seen in a 3D fighting game -not to mention the fact that chainsaws pop out of her arms and she even can use her removable head as a projectile.

But what makes Alisa so special is that she basically represents everything that is amazing about Tekken. She looks cute and pretty -showcasing the allure of many of Tekken cute characters or sexy ladies. But her fighting moves are nothing short of devastating and brutal, in the right hands, Alisa unleashes rapid attacks with great follow up moves (especially thanks to the added mobility afforded by her thrusters). She is not cheap and learning to control her efficiently takes practice, but that is essentially what Tekken is truly all about.

All the Good Things

As with all the previous Tekken games, there are plenty of strings and combos that can be mixed and matched with each other -simply button mashing your way to the end is not going to win you victories against the computer (let alone human opponents). The best way to play the game is to keep practicing. Fortunately, there is a built in training mode that will teach you various moves and how they are combined with combo attacks.

Tekken 6 Review

Learning launchers and combo starters is a good thing too; once you know which moves can leave your opponent open for follow up attacks, you can start figuring out which are the attacks that you are most comfortable with. Another great thing about this mode is that it teaches you how to anticipate and counter attacks from your opponents as well.

Great Visuals

Namco never fails to deliver high quality visuals and animations with each Tekken game they release -and Tekken 6 is no exception. Each character's moveset is uniquely animated -and the way that the game handles collision points makes it easy to players to identify attack keyframes. The backgrounds, while not exactly part of the action, are still a sight to behold. The particle and lighting effects also add a sense of depth to the scenes as well giving a sense of power and impact to attacks.

Get Ready for the Tournament

This is a great game to get good in -after all, being able to fight against some of the best players of Tekken 6 can be quite exciting (and educational). Of course, while the general game itself is not that long, it has lots of replay value. The skills you learn also carry over to the next Tekken games as well (since characters tend to retain their movelists). As a single player experience, going through each character's storyline and watching their unique endings is also satisfying. The best is that you do not even need to go online to fully enjoy the game -it is possible to play with friends on the same system, making it a great party activity.