Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Brawler for All Fighting Fans

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Despite the game not being part of the story canon, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a definite must play for any serious fighting game fans. For one, it brings together characters from past and new Tekken games -allowing you to have battles that would never be seen in the main numbered entries to the series. Second, the tag system completely changes the way the game is played -sure, all the old combos and attacks still work and behave as they did. But when you put in the option to instantly tag in a second character -battles quickly change in pace and each round will keep you on the edge.

Get Ready, to Study!

It may seem like a bit of a chore to memorize move lists, getting familiarized with frames, figuring out counters and safe moves, and other such details -but Tekken Tag Tournament 2 makes it fun. Aside from playing around in the practice mode, players can also play in single player -experimenting with the controls and the combat system by using it firsthand. The computer is pretty clever and will provide players with a substantial challenge that makes it worth sparring against.

Do not forget, however, that this is a tag game -this means that players can no longer just relies on their mastery of a single character (which is not fun at all). Since the game makes use of the tag system, players will have to learn the moves and skills of two characters in order to play move effectively.

Be Assaulted

The new tag assault system is an overhaul of the one used in the original Tag Tournament game. Now, you can bring in your tag team partner in the middle of an air juggle or a launcher -allowing for even more possibilities when it comes to creating long chains of high damage dealing attacks. Some characters can even keep tagging in and out to lengthen their string.

The most satisfying attacks to watch in this game are the tag moves; special attacks that are performed when you are playing as two characters who have special interactions with each other. There are a few obvious ones, like Devil and Angel, King and Marduk (both are wrestlers), Alisa and Jack (both are robots), Lili and Asuna, Christie and Eddie, and so forth. The fact that these are moves that are executed by two characters means that you will not get to see them in other Tekken outside of the Tournament series.

Prepare Your Eyes

Did we mention how good this game looks? The visuals for Tekken Tag Tournament 6 are outstandingly stunning. They make gratuitous use of the bloom effect for the lighting and it just makes everything look so deep. The character animations are done very smoothly, allowing you to see every single bit of action that occurs onscreen. The backgrounds can also be distractingly beautiful as well.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

The character models have several costumes depending on what button you press when selecting them (this means that they are not palette swapped when controlled by both player and opponent). But if you ever do get tired of their regular looks, there is always the option to customize. Character customizations are purely aesthetic -the items do nothing to improve stats or performance (except maybe to provide a bit of eye candy or a distraction), but they are still worth collecting as they are plenty of fun to have.

You can even completely change a single character's look if you have enough gear -want to turn Lars into a samurai? Think Hwoarang would look interesting as a pirate? Should Nina try wearing weird hats? All these are completely possible (you just have to unlock the customization items first by plaything through the game). Naturally, going online will subject you to a parade of weirdly customized characters -so if changing character looks is not your kind of thing, you may prefer to not connect to the network.

A Tekken Milestone

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is not a common part of Namco's series, this is why there are only two tag games while the seventh main sequel is already in production -and going with that trend, we may not see the next TTT until Tekken 9 or even 10 is out. Still, this is not a bad thing. Tag Tournment is sort of a celebration for fans who would like to see the new and old generations of the game's characters to have at it in a giant mashup fight. The way that the game respects current players to carry over their learned moves while encouraging new players to learn about the series with its' simplistic and fun approach shows that Namco can do more than just balance a fighting game, it can balance the fans too.