Torchlight 2: Shows How Dungeon Crawling Should be Done

Featuring plenty of end-game content, a good balance of item management and stat min-maxing, and of course, a non-stop dungeon crawling experience that hack and slash fans will enjoy, Torchlight 2 is our go to game for the genre. Developed and published by Runic Games, TL2 is everything that a dungeon crawling fan would ever want: great class choices, skill and ability diversity, and a ton of random magical items to hunt for. Simply put, this game does not get old or repetitive. Once you factor in the multiplayer options, you can expect to get hundreds of fun and entertaining hours just blazing through this game.

Torchlight 2 Review

Let Berserkers Enjoy

There are four available classes in the game: Engineers, Outlanders, Embermages, and of course, Berserkers. And if you thought that choosing the Berserker means going for pure melee –think again. The all melee class title goes to the Engineers; those who choose to play as a Berserker will find that there are plenty of interesting skills to use and that combat is not a simple matter of punching harder and faster.

Contrary to what the name suggests, Berserkers in Torchlight 2 have a lot more planning and strategizing to do when it comes to jumping into the fray. This is particularly noteicable when playing in elite mode (where enemy hits can take huge chunks of HP). There is a balance of active attacks and passive abilities that have to be planned out in order to be more effective (aside from getting lucky with item drops). Berserker Rage, while a staple, only serves as a secondary skill to Blood Hunger and Shadow Burst –which tends to be more effective against tough enemies and prolonged battles by keeping your life bar up. Storm Claw is a great ability for those who like to keep attacking without thinking, and adding a few extra defenses like Iceshield and Battle Standard also make you as tough as tanks.

Keeping Continuity

In a homage to the original Diablo games, Torchlight II’s back story mirrors the tragedy of Tristram: the hero of the first TL game has been corrupted is the new big bad for the sequel. It feels a little dark and is plenty tragic (especially for those who played the first game), but it makes for a pretty quick transition between the two titles and allows players to explore new classes and builds.

This sequel is set years after the end of the first game and players must now venture beyond the immediate ruins of the original Torchlight. Each of the three main acts of the game’s story campaign will take players on unique locations that further expand the world of TL.


One of the biggest joys of dungeon crawling is the option to play with others in multiplayer mode –and this is also available in Torchlight 2. The game allows up to six players to connect to a single session and play together. Making things more streamlined is the individualized item drop system –which is a definite plus when it comes to ensuring that players to not start fighting each other over loot. Having a game automatically segregate item drops is a massive godsend especially when playing in random lobbies.

Torchlight 2 Review

Make Your Own Adventure

If you ever get bored with Torchlight 2’s offerings (which probably means you have played it for several hundred hours now), you can also opt to create your own content. The GUTS editor was released by the folks at Steam in order to allow players to make their own additional content for TL2. This is more than just an intriguing addition to the game, it also allows players to gain an insight into the process of good stage design and combat balance.

If there were ever parts of a map that you ever felt were too full or enemies, or not providing enough of a challenge –and you think you can do better, and this feature allows you to prove it. The best part of all this is that you can share your custom content on Steam with other Torchlight 2 players.

Every Item Counts

Torchlight 2 may be part of the new generation of games, but it’s overall approach and gameplay is definitely carrying an unmistakable touch of old school charm. From the way that characters are presented, to the way the combat unfolds, and how the game mechanics works –this is dungeon crawling at its’ finest. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the genre or just like playing any good games, then Torchlight 2 is one game you cannot afford to pass up.